colonoscopy in mt pleasant

Save Your Butt With Important Colonoscopy Information

If you’ve not yet scheduled a colonoscopy, it is the perfect time to do so. Many people do not schedule this very important service simply because they do not understand the testing or colon cancer. Exclude yourself from that list of people and learn more about the important colonoscopy in mt pleasant below.

Think you don’t need a colonoscopy because there’s no risk of colon cancer in your family? Think again. Colon cancer risks affect everyone.  Although factors like family history and being aged 50 or older increase the risks, anyone can develop colon cancer. Regular screenings starting at age 50 minimizes the risks of developing colon cancer.

You probably have reservations concerning the colonoscopy, as many people do. So many people mistakenly think that a colonoscopy exam is painful but it is not. A flexible, lighted tube with a camera is inserted into the rectum to detect the presence of polyps. It’s not the most comfortable procedure in the world but certainly doesn’t hurt.

Even better, if the doctor finds any polyps during the exam, he can remove most of them right there. The only exception is very large polyps that may need to be sent off to the lab to test their risks level to the patient. You can get screened and treated all in one visit. Most insurance companies and plans cover the costs of a colonoscopy, further ensuring that you have every reason to schedule an appointment with our medical provider.

colonoscopy in mt pleasant

Do not wait until you have symptoms to get tested for colon cancer. Most people do not have any symptoms! Early screening is the best prevention and treatment of colon cancer. However, symptoms such as changes in bowel habits, unexplained weight loss, and blood in the stool may happen if you have colon cancer.

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